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Our interest in spiders (& other “bugs”) began for both of us as kids. Although neither of us kept tarantulas growing up, we both kept other exotics and have always had a deep love and respect for all animals. Since the beginning of time, our family has taken “family adventures” into our rural nature areas (forests, lakes, hills, waterfalls, etc), Garred always with his camera in hand. We’ve spent hours exploring and searching for creatures to be his photo subjects. More often than not, the subject would be a spider.




Then Aurora, the youngest of our three children, asked for a tarantula for Christmas. We dove into researching which spider would best for her to observe, and for us to care for as she would obviously be unable to do so. Upon researching, we discovered the beauty and wonder of many amazing species. It was hard to choose one for her, and we ended up choosing a few for ourselves as well. Our first Tarantula order consisted of her Grammostola rosea, a Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens for Ali, and an Avicularia (now Caribena) versicolor and Lasidora parahybana for Garred. Both of our sons soon wanted their own, and Aurora wanted another, an Avicularia (now Ybyrapora) diversipes. Our oldest son, Jaden, researched for himself before deciding on a Grammostola pulchripes; and our younger son , Dexter, chose a Caribena versicolor after falling in love with his dad’s spider. Garred’s mom even asked for a tarantula for Christmas and she choose a Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens (& now also has a Caribena versicolor and wants more). It wasn’t long before we were well into our arachnid addiction. Tarantulas brought our family closer together as we spent countless hours researching species, our interest in tarantulas growing rapidly. Although we (Garred & Ali) have shared many interests, we never really had a hobby that we shared. Together, we fell in love with each species. We enjoy our time together, caring for our collection of around 1,200 tarantulas and it has brought closer as a couple than ever.




We placed orders with most of the reputable American Online shops, as well as purchased from many other collectors. We gained a lot of experience as customers which we have applied to how we run Palp Friction. We absolutely loved New Tarantula Day, and preparing for it. Once we started importing, we kind of lost the thrill of New T Day, but through the shop, we get to experience it in a different, better way. We absolutely LOVE providing New T Day for our customers and we look forward to updates. We consider all the “shop spiders” in our care to be our foster spiders and it’s always wonderful to hear how they are doing in their new forever homes. We also really like when a tarantula we’ve sold comes back to us for a breeding project!




When we discovered the plight of the Typhochlaena seladonia, we just knew that we had to do something to help these outrageously cool spiders. It was heartbreaking to learn that this beautiful, interesting species was facing extinction due to deforestation in their homeland at an alarming rate. Just since 1970, Brazil has destroyed over 230,000 square feet of the Atalantic Forest and it’s only getting worse. We searched and found a handful in the US but we knew it wouldn’t be enough for a solid breeding project so we also found some in Europe. We were thrilled to learn they had been captive bred, as we had heard rumors of them being smuggled from Brazil. We got our import license specifically to import them to breed. (See our current import license here.) We then decided since we were importing, we might as well get a bunch of other stuff and open a shop that would be exactly what we wanted in an Online shop.




We take care of almost every aspect of our shop ourselves, from spider care to customer service to packing and shipping, as well as own & operate another business. We do not have any employees, except our two boys who water the “shop spiders” for us, and we will hire additional help during imports. We take great pride in the work that we do in both of our businesses.




At Palp Friction, we are collectors before anything. We started our business because we, as collectors, wanted to provide our community with a wonderful experience every time they shop. Customer service is very important to us and it is our top priority, followed closely by the care of our foster spiders. When you shop with Palp Friction, not only will you find the best prices (or we’ll match it - no matter what! See Price Match Guarantee), but you’ll be treated with respect regardless of your level of experience as a keeper. We have species for every level and are willing to help anyone who comes to us. If you have any questions at all, feel free to send us an email or text, or contact us on Facebook or Instagram.



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